Beaverton Office
8625 S.W. Cascade Ave. Ste 105
Beaverton, OR 97008

Salem Office
482 Lancaster Dr, N.E.
Salem, OR 97301


We love hearing from our patients!

“I’m so glad I found this orthodontist. The love, enjoyment and support that the staff gave me along the way was incredible. I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror from how amazing my smile looks! It’s been a journey having braces and I’m a little sad it came to an end but my smile looks so great now!”
-Daisy Moreno


“I spent my whole life NEVER smiling with my teeth in photos. After my treatment, I can’t stop smiling!”
-Alicia Zavala


“My experience with Invisalign was great! It was not painful at all and my teeth look amazing! The staff here is always so kind and gentle. I am really thankful that I have nice teeth with the help of the staff and my parents. I am very satisfied.”
-Jasmin Ayala


“I would like to thank my mother who convinced me to get braces. I enjoyed the time I had with them on, it was a great experience and the workers are very friendly and enjoyable to talk to. I would recommend getting braces from this office. They will do their best to give you the perfect teeth you deserve.”
-Gustavo Delgado


“I LOVED MY EXPERIENCE! I came into this place with pretty stubborn teeth, and they took the time to make them perfect.”
-Janie Jarmin


“I just want to thank all the people of Northwest Orthodontics for always being super nice and friendly when I came in. You guys are the best! I enjoyed all my visits. One thing I want to say to the future patients that get braces, always brush your teeth!”
-Kinasa Gemmell


“My experience was outstanding. I cannot compare and contrast with any other orthodontic offices. I chose the best of the best; I would recommend Dr. Vonny to anyone who needs braces”.
-Edgar Quintero


“At first I never flashed people with a smile, now I can! My experience here was really good with great conversations! I was always excited to get new rubber bands but now I don’t need them anymore, yay! The women who work here are fantastic! I was always insecure about my smile, but now I don’t have to be, I’ll be smiling everywhere!
-Victoria Rodriguez


“I really enjoyed my time at Northwest Orthodontics. The staff was always friendly and welcoming, which really helps you get over the first time anxiety as you continue to come back for treatment!”
-Skyeler Samuell